Chaplain Care

Because your spiritual well-being plays an important role in your overall health, we offer Chaplain services to our clients and their families upon request and at no additional charge. We recognize that dealing with the need for home health care services can be difficult for any family.john w client

With many years of experience providing spiritual care in settings including military, houses of worship, government, and hospitals, our chaplains, Dr. John Aker and Matthew McDaniel, can help affirm your own faith commitment to offer encouragement and support. Sensitive to all faiths, chaplains seek to support the emotional and spiritual health of clients and their families. What is the value of such services? Read what a few recipients have to say…

Jewish Faith:

Dear Dr. Aker,

Words cannot describe my gratitude for all the kindness and concern you have shown to me and my entire family during the most difficult and painful times in our lives. Without your generous help and steady hand, I don’t know how I would have managed to cope with the ordeal.

While we are of differing religious faiths, when my husband was sick or in need of surgery, you were always there to offer an appropriate prayer. When he required expert home health care your staff was there to serve his needs. When he was finally taken from us, you were there once again, coming to my home to offer any assistance we may have needed. I will never forget that most comforting memorial service, over which you officiated, in your headquarters, for my beloved Jack. I know for sure that not everyone is as blessed as I have been, to have found such a friend in you. Your value exceeds any worldly sum, and I shall remain in your debt forever.

I have said it before and will say so again,”There must be a special place in Heaven for people like you, who choose to give so generously of themselves.” Once again, please allow me to close with a huge thank you to you especially, and to your excellent staff, for the superb job you all do, and the compassionate way in which you do it.

-Joan H, Boca Raton


Catholic Faith:

Thank you, Dr. John, for the wonderful care that you provided to my mother.  You took more time and interest in getting her the best care than I even could have asked.  You have wonderful, caring people on your staff as well.

 One thing that really stood out was the time you spent helping my mother express her faith.  My mother had been a very religious Catholic her whole life, but after her stroke, she had trouble connecting with her faith.

 Amazingly, you were able to reawaken the faith in her.  With your reassurance that God was with her, your prayers and even your sacred songs, you revived her faith.  This provided much joy and comfort to her during a very difficult time.  She would literally light-up whenever you visited.  Seeing that not only brightened her life, but mine as well.

 I am very grateful for everything you’ve done.

– Glenn H, Boca Raton


Protestant Faith:

As a strong Christian family, we have been abundantly blessed by Aker Kasten Home Care. First of all, Dr. John has a delightful sense of humor which always brings smiles to our faces, but the best part of his visits is his heartful prayer for the whole family. The spirit of God is always very present and comforting as Dr. John shares meaningful scripture with us.

Not only are we undergirded continually with prayer, but occasionally are blessed by beautiful hymns sung by Dr. John. When dad went home to be with the Lord, Dr. John and his staff were here to support the family spiritually, with great love and compassion and they continue to do so with superb, loving care for my mother. I have great peace of mind knowing that, in addition to physical care, mom also has continuing spiritual encouragement since she is unable to attend church services. My deepest gratitude to everyone at Aker Kasten.

-Lindy S, North Carolina