Check-In Services

It brings great comfort to know someone nearby cares and will Check In on a regular basis.

If you do not require assistance with the activities of daily living, yet your family and friends are concerned about you being on your own, this is the service for you! Our exclusive check-in service is customized to fit your specific needs. This is an exclusive, low cost alternative to traditional home care.

Typically, we arrange to make one personal visit bi-weekly or more, just to make sure you are doing well. During this visit we typically monitor vital signs and perform medication management. We can also initiate phone calls between personal visits. We then send a brief email to your designated loved one to assure them all is well.

You will come to enjoy our visits and look forward to our brief calls with your friendly Concierge Team member. And, if you ever require additional assistance, you will already be familiar with the Aker Kasten Family which stands ready with additional resources.

This is a highly individualized service, so call 561-955-6010 for details, or click here to request more information.

Check-In Service - Home Care Palm Beach

Elaine’s Story

Elaine, in her 80s, is in relatively good health. She takes a few medications for a heart condition and lives alone. Before their father’s passing, he had fallen in their home and broken his hip. His recovery did not go well and he unfortunately, never returned home. Elaine’s sons and daughter, who live outside Florida, call often and despite Elaine’s many reassurances, they worry about her being alone. After consulting her brothers, Elaine’s daughter contacted The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency when she was visiting Elaine last spring.

Dr. John Aker, CEO/Administrator along with his Director of Nursing scheduled an appointment with Elaine and her daughter at the residence. When details were shared about our exclusive Check In Service, both Elaine and her daughter sighed in relief and said this was just what was needed to allow Elaine to remain independent and ease her children’s concerns about her safety.

Elaine continues to enjoy her own home. A Staff Nurse (also known as a Concierge Care Manager) visits her regularly to dispense her medications into pillboxes, check her vital signs, monitor her condition and review any directives from her physician(s).

When Elaine has an appointment with her physician or cardiologist, her Staff Nurse accompanies Elaine so we can ensure compliance with the doctor’s directives and that all prescription and dietary regimes are carefully and consistently followed at home. After a visit the Staff Nurse sends a quick progress report email to Elaine’s daughter so she is kept up to date on her mother’s wellbeing.  Elaine admits that she quickly came to look forward to the friendly visits.

When Elaine awoke from a nap one afternoon feeling quite out of sorts she phoned her Concierge Care Manager at Aker Kasten Home Health Care who instructed Elaine to dial 911 and assured Elaine that she would meet Elaine at the hospital. Elaine drew great comfort from having a familiar face at the hospital. After a cardiac procedure Elaine was released and returned home, it was determined Elaine would require a bit more help in her home for a short time.

Her Concierge Care Manager was able to furnish just the right caregiver, well suited to Elaine’s personality and able to speed Elaine’s recovery by preparing healthy meals and snacks and helping Elaine with her prescribed exercises.

Elaine has since improved and returned to Check In Service only, and she and her children are thrilled to have had  such a compassionate support system just a phone call away during a time of uncertainty and stress.

Dedicated Check-In Services & Home Care Palm Beach Families Need

If you or someone you love could benefit from Check In Service, a very customized service, call our now and tell us how we can help you remain independent: 561-955-6010.