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Pamper Paks

Pamper Pak - Gift of CaringAlways striving to anticipate and meet the unique needs of our patients, Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency has bundled care packages, called Pamper Paks, which serve as an ideal way to extend the gift of help at home to loved ones, co-workers, employees, or friends. These special bundles offer discounted pricing, are delivered with a personalized gift card, and, in some cases, even a love token as well.

If you wish to arrange for help at home for someone you know, please contact us. This gift certificate will definitely be used and is most appreciated! We would welcome an opportunity to assist you in caring for that special someone. If none of these listed below suite the occasion, simply call us and we will customize a Pamper Pak that is just right!

Below you will see a sampling of our current Pamper Pak options…

Valentine Pak

Often actions speak louder than words. Want someone to know you care? Then give them the gift of help at home. This is one gift certificate that is sure to be used–and remembered! This Pak demonstrates all the familial, friendly, or romantic love you want to express. Click here for the Valentine Pak.

New Baby Pamper Pak

Perfect way to shower a new mother with extra hands to attend to baby and the rest of the family upon arriving home. Click here for New Baby Pamper Pak.

Post Operative Pamper Pak

Ideal for individuals planning eye surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, oral surgery, CAT scans or MRI procedures, etc. Click here for the Post Operative Pamper Pak.

Spring Pamper Pak

Whether someone you know needs a little assistance with spring cleaning…help preparing for a special guest…or just a special start to their day, the Spring Pak offers a unique way to begin the day! Click here for the Spring Pamper Pak.

Fall Service Pamper Pak

As we have just observed the Daylight Saving Time practice to “fall back”, it reminds us that Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner. Treat a loved one – or yourself! – to Harvest Helping Hands by way of a Fall Pamper Pak. Click here for details on the Fall Service.

Want to order a Pamper Pak now? Just call 561-955-6010 and ask to order a Pamper Pak!