Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that finding the right home health care in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, and the surrounding area requires a good deal of research and trust. Please call us with your questions and concerns. We want you to be fully confident that The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency is dedicated to your comfort and care!

Here are our responses to a few Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not addressed here, simply call 561-955-6010 and we will be happy to speak with you personally.

What are Concierge Care Teams?

Concierge Care Teams ensure you receive care coordination to benefit you. While many agencies place a caregiver in your home, we carefully select just the right Boca Raton home care specialist (your Primary Caregiver) for your particular situation and with whom we believe you will easily build rapport. In addition, we assign a Nurse Supervisor–to oversee the care provided…a Respite Coordinator–to schedule care if your primary caregiver is ill or away…a Chaplain–to facilitate your own faith experience…and a Concierge Counselor–a care manager who coordinates all your care and on whom you can call with any questions or concerns. All these team members work together to ensure your needs are met and you have an advocate. You will never lack care or an empathetic ear with your own Concierge Care Team!

Does The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency provide literature explaining its services and fees?

Yes. Aker Kasten Home Health Care offers a brochure explaining our many services to all interested parties. In addition, patients and their families are provided a copy of our Patient Handbook which details all aspects of our services, care, and policies.

Why does Aker Kasten Home Health Care seem so religious?

Aker Kasten Home Health Care is not a religious organization. Yet we respect that the fact that our patients’ faith is important to them and ought to be affirmed. Many recent medical studies have been conducted to determine the role of faith in well-being. It is generally agreed among medical practitioners that one’s faith, or religious beliefs, can have a significant impact on how one views issues of wellness and illness which affects perspectives and participation in medical care. Aker Kasten Home Health Care seeks to promote improved health in our patients by embracing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We do not promote any specific religion or denomination and, while we do offer pastoral care, we encourage our patients who have religious affiliations to participate in their local faith assembly.

What are Pastoral/Chaplain services?

Pastoral/Chaplain services are available to patients and their family members who may wish to discuss aspects of their particular case and care from a spiritual perspective. These services are strictly voluntary and complementary. If you would like to avail yourselves of our pastoral/chaplain services, or if you would like more information on our pastoral care, please indicate that when you call 561-955-6010.

Does Aker Kasten Home Health Care have a printed Bill Of Rights for their patients?

Yes. Our Bill Of Rights is not simply a document we display prominently, rather it mandates and motivates the kind of care we will provide all our patients. Because we exist to protect the dignity of our patients and to promote their quality of life within their own home, all we do will be based upon the rights of our patients.

How does this home health care provider select and train its employees? Does it protect its caregivers with written policies and competitive compensation?

Aker Kasten Home Health Care is actually quite selective in the hiring of our home health specialists. Because of our high view of the work we feel called to, our caregivers are truly viewed not merely as employees, but as cherished members of The Aker Kasten Family.

We select and train only those caregivers who evidence personal sensitivity and proven professional skills. A thorough background and reference check is completed on each caregiver. Initial training and periodic in-service trainings for our caregivers insures that skills are honed and knowledge up-to-date. In addition, The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency compensates our caregivers at a highly competitive rate in order to insure that the expectations of our patients are met and exceeded. Further, we have a loyalty program which offers incentives for longevity.

Are nurses required to evaluate the patient’s home care needs? Do they consult the patient’s physician and family members?

Yes, a Registered Nurse will visit your home to discuss your home care needs. When applicable, and as necessary, our Director of Nursing will consult with your physician and family members. A detailed Patient File will be initiated and kept up to date throughout your care. Our staff nurse will provide you with more specific information during her visit.

Does this provider include the patient and his or her family members in developing the plan of care? Are they involved in making care plan changes?

Whenever possible the patient and family are involved in developing The Plan of Care. Aker Kasten Home Health Care values the input of all those who love our patients. We understand that the plan of care must be continually evaluated and updated to insure appropriate treatment.

Is the patient’s course of treatment documented? Are specific tasks to be carried out by caregivers written and tracked? Is the patient provided a copy of this plan?

The Plan of Care (POC) is a very specific document and must actually be reviewed and signed by the patient, or his/her representative, to ensure all parties understand and agree to the POC. Once signed, a copy of the POC will be furnished the patient and/or his/her representative. From that point on all visits, treatment, and calls will be documented in The Patient File.

How is the quality of care supervised? Do supervisors make visits?

Quality of care is of utmost concern to The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency. We strive to provide superior care to each patient with special emphasis on our patient’s dignity and overall well-being. Supervisory Nurse-visits are an integral part of our services. Such visits insure that our high standards of quality care are being continually and consistently maintained in the patient’s home. Because each individual’s needs and requirements differ, our staff nurse will provide you with more details on this during her initial visit. The patient and/or his/her designated representative may at any time request a supervisory or evaluation visit by our Director of Nursing.

Who can the patient call with questions or complaints?

Patients and family members are invited to call The Agency with any question, concern, or complaint. No question is too small or silly. And please remember, we cannot correct a situation if we are not aware of it. Your communication with us can help us insure that our care will be both beneficial and a blessing. Please allow us to serve you properly by calling us anytime a concern arises.

We want to be a source of care and comfort to you–never a concern. Call 561-955-6010 anytime. Both our Administrator and Director of Nursing are available 24/7. (Additionally, our Patient Handbook provides patients with phone numbers for various state agencies which monitor the care and performance of family home health services and are charged with elder abuse prevention.)

Are the billing and payment policies clear?

Billing and payment policies are clearly delineated in our Patient Handbook and will be discussed at the initial visit and agreed upon in writing once the Plan of Care Agreement has been clearly defined and detailed.

What procedures are in place in the case of an emergency? Is someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

A very detailed Emergency Plan has been filed with The State by The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency. We also screen our patients for any special needs which may require extra care in the event of a natural emergency.

Our Patient Handbook offers a 24-Hour Phone Line to our patients and, as stated above, our Administrator and Director of Nursing are on-call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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